Index of values

abs [Axiom]
absorbent [Relation]
absorbing [Relation]
add [Main.StrSet]
add [Subs]
Add a new binding: replace the previous one if any
add [Tbl]
add_cps [Cp]
Critical pairs of a set of rules
add_dir_to_search_path [File]
add_eq [Prec]
add_gt [Prec]
add_info_arg_to_type_declaration [Genr_sharing]
add_local_module [Main]
add_lt [Prec]
Add a new constraint.
add_non_trivial [Equation]
add_non_trivial_pair [Equation]
add_rules [Otype]
add_type_decls [Check]
Enters a list of type definitions in the table.
add_underscores [Genr_pattern]
adhoc_completion [Complete]
Some relations on a generator imply relations on other generators, that the user cannot or does not need to provide.
align [Misc]
align n a rounds n upwards to a multiple of a (a power of 2).
annotations [Clflags]
app [Term_utils]
app0 [Term_utils]
app1 [Term_utils]
app2 [Term_utils]
append [Genr_base]
applicative_functors [Clflags]
apply [Subs]
Apply a substitution to a term
apply [Code]
apply1 [Code]
apply2 [Code]
apply3 [Code]
Apply an ident to its argument(s).
architecture [Config]
Name of processor type for the native-code compiler
argspec [Main]
argument_of_type_list [Otype]
Returns the type argument of the Caml compiler list type functional type constructor.
arity_of_cdef [Otype]
arity_of_generator [Check]
arity_of_info [Check]
arrow_type [Otype]
asm [Config]
The assembler (and flags) to use for assembling ocamlopt-generated code.
ass [Axiom]
associative [Relation]
ast_impl_magic_number [Config]
Magic number for file holding an implementation syntax tree
ast_intf_magic_number [Config]
Magic number for file holding an interface syntax tree

backup [Terminfo]
bool_of_opt [Useful]
bool_type [Otype]
bytecomp_c_compiler [Config]
The C compiler to use for compiling C files with the bytecode compiler
bytecomp_c_libraries [Config]
The C libraries to link with custom runtimes

c_compiler [Clflags]
call_linker [Ccomp]
cardinal [Main.StrSet]
careful_close_out [File]
An alias for close_out that performs correctly on stdout.
careful_open_out [File]
An alias for open_out that performs correctly on stdout.
cc_profile [Config]
The command line option to the C compiler to enable profiling.
ccobjs [Clflags]
ccomp_type [Config]
The "kind" of the C compiler: one of "cc" (for Unix-style C compilers) "msvc" (Microsoft Visual C++) "mrc" (Macintosh MPW)
ccopts [Clflags]
change_extension [File]
Computes the name of a file when its extension is modified.
change_mlm_extension [File]
check [Consistbl]
check tbl name crc source checks consistency of (name, crc) with infos previously stored in tbl.
check_add [Subs]
Add to s the mapping (x,t) if mem s x = false or find s x = t.
check_and_genr_ml [Main]
check_and_genr_mli [Main]
check_fatal [Warnings]
check_noadd [Consistbl]
Same as check, but raise Not_available if no CRC was previously associated with name.
check_signature_item [Main]
check_structure_item [Main]
choose [Main.StrSet]
choose_many [Randomutils]
chop_extension_if_any [Misc]
Like Filename.chop_extension but returns the initial file name if it has no extension
chop_extensions [Misc]
Return the given file name without its extensions.
classic [Clflags]
clauses_both_as_left [Genr_base]
clauses_left_or_right [Genr_base]
clauses_of_side [Genr_base]
clear [Consistbl]
clear_symbols [Symb]
Clear the table of known symbols
clear_vars [Var]
Remove all string-variable bindings
cma_magic_number [Config]
Magic number for archive files
cmi_magic_number [Config]
Magic number for compiled interface files
cmo_magic_number [Config]
Magic number for object bytecode files
cmx_magic_number [Config]
Magic number for compilation unit descriptions
cmxa_magic_number [Config]
Magic number for libraries of compilation unit descriptions
cmxs_magic_number [Config]
Magic number for dynamically-loadable plugins
com [Axiom]
combine_all [Listutils]
combine ll Returns the list of all the lists that can be built by taking one element in each list of the list of lists ll.
command [Ccomp]
comment_relations_in_type_declaration [Otype]
commutative [Relation]
comp [Subs]
Composition of 2 substitutions: apply (comp s1 s2) t = apply s1 (apply s2 t)
comp [Order]
comp_res [Subs]
Restricted composition: comp_res s1 s2 = restrict (domain s2) (comp s1 s2)
compare [Main.StrSet]
compare [Main.Str]
compare [Equation]
Equality up to renaming of variables
compare [Rule]
Comparison and equality up to lhs-variables renaming
compare [Rename]
compare [Prec]
compare [Term]
Comparison of terms modulo variable renaming
compare [Useful.ORD_PRT]
compare_core_type [Otype]
Comparison on core types (ignore locations).
compare_function [Genr_base]
Comparison function ident from its generator
compare_generator [Relation]
compare_relation [Relation]
Comparison function on relations based on precedence.
compare_side [Relation]
comparison_function [Genr_base]
A constant representing the name of the comparison function corresponding to the indicated identifier.
compile_file [Ccomp]
compile_only [Clflags]
complete [Comp]
Full completion.
complete_n [Comp]
Kimited completion.
completion [Eqnrel]
cons [Genr_base]
constant_type [Otype]
constr_type [Otype]
construction [Genr_base]
The generic (and most general) way to apply a construction function for a generator.
construction0 [Genr_base]
construction1 [Genr_base]
construction2 [Genr_base]
The application of the construction function for a zeroary, unary or binary generator.
construction_function [Genr_base]
Construction function ident from its generator.
construction_function_ident [Genr_base]
Construction function ident from its generator ident.
construction_function_memo_table_ident [Genr_base]
Construction function memo table ident from its generator.
construction_function_name [Genr_base]
Construction function name from its generator (string) name.
copy_file [Misc]
copy_file ic oc reads the contents of file ic and copies them to oc.
copy_file_chunk [Misc]
copy_file_chunk ic oc n reads n bytes from ic and copies them to oc.
cps [Cp]
create [Consistbl]
create_archive [Ccomp]
create_hashtable [Misc]
Create a hashtable of the given size and fills it with the given bindings.
create_lexbuf_from_file [File]
curr [Location]
Get the location of the current token from the lexbuf.
custom_runtime [Clflags]

debug [Clflags]
default_executable_name [Config]
Name of executable produced by linking if none is given with -o, e.g.
defaults_w [Warnings]
defaults_warn_error [Warnings]
diese_line [Genr_base]
Get the line and file where the located element appears
diff [Main.StrSet]
dis [Axiom]
distributive [Relation]
division_by_absorbent [Code]
dlcode [Clflags]
dllibs [Clflags]
dllpaths [Clflags]
domain [Subs]
Domain of a substitution
dont_write_files [Clflags]
dump_cmm [Clflags]
dump_combine [Clflags]
dump_instr [Clflags]
dump_interf [Clflags]
dump_lambda [Clflags]
dump_linear [Clflags]
dump_live [Clflags]
dump_parsetree [Clflags]
dump_prefer [Clflags]
dump_rawlambda [Clflags]
dump_regalloc [Clflags]
dump_reload [Clflags]
dump_scheduling [Clflags]
dump_selection [Clflags]
dump_spill [Clflags]
dump_split [Clflags]

echo_eof [Location]
elements [Main.StrSet]
empty [Main.StrSet]
empty [Subs]
Identity: substitution with no binding
empty [Prec]
empty [Tbl]
eq [Equation]
eq [Rule]
eq [Rename]
eq [Term]
eq_function [Genr_base]
Returns the function that generates the code to call the proper equality function to its two code arguments.
eq_generator [Relation]
Compare generators.
eq_opt [Rename]
Equality up to variable renaming.
eq_side [Relation]
eq_type [Otype]
Syntactic equality ignoring locations
eqns_of_rel [Eqnrel]
eqnset_of_rels [Eqnrel]
eqnset_of_theory [Axiom]
equal [Main.StrSet]
equation [Cparser]
equations [Cparser]
exec_magic_number [Config]
Magic number for bytecode executable files
exists [Main.StrSet]
exists [Subterm]
Test whether there exits a subterm satisfying some predicate
existsi [Subterm]
expand_directory [Misc]
expand_directory alt file eventually expands a + at the beginning of file into alt (an alternate root directory)
expand_libname [Ccomp]
ext_asm [Config]
Extension for assembler files, e.g.
ext_dll [Config]
Extension for dynamically-loaded libraries, e.g.
ext_lib [Config]
Extension for library files, e.g.
ext_obj [Config]
Extension for object files, e.g.
extend_away [Rename]
Extend a renaming
extract [Consistbl]
Return all bindings (name, crc) contained in the given table.

failure_division_by_absorbent [Code]
failwith_division_by_absorbent [Code]
fast [Clflags]
fatal_error [Misc]
filter [Main.StrSet]
filter [Consistbl]
filter pred tbl removes from tbl table all (name, CRC) pairs such that pred name is false.
find [Subs]
Raise Not_found if var is not bound
find [Subterm]
Find a subterm satisfying some predicate.
find [Myset.S]
Provide an element satisfying p.
find [Tbl]
find_generator_ident_info [Check]
find_generator_info [Check]
Various access/test functions that may raise Unknown_generator.
find_generator_name_info [Check]
find_in_path [Misc]
Search a file in a list of directories.
find_in_path_uncap [Misc]
Same, but search also for uncapitalized name, i.e.
find_opt [Subterm]
Find Some subterm satisfying some predicate or None
find_opt [Myset.S]
Provide Some element satisfying p or None
find_opti [Subterm]
find_relation [Relation]
find_type_ident_declaration [Check]
find_type_name_declaration [Check]
findi [Subterm]
flat_map [Listutils]
flat_map f l maps the function f on the list l, and flatten the list of results.
flatten [Longident]
fold [Main.StrSet]
fold [Subterm]
Fold among subterms
fold [Tbl]
foldi [Subterm]
Functions taking into account the position
for_all [Main.StrSet]
for_all2 [Misc]
Same as List.for_all but for a binary predicate.
for_package [Clflags]
for_position [Linenum]
Linenum.for_position file loc returns a triple describing the location loc in the file named file.
fprintf [Comp]
fprintf [Equation]
Print an equation into a formatter
fprintf [Rule]
Print an equation
fprintf [Subs]
Print a substitution into a formatter.
fprintf [Term]
fprintf [Myset.S]
Print a set into a buffer
fprintf [Useful.ORD_PRT]
fprintf_list [Mylist]
Print a list
fresh_var [Var]
Return a fresh variable not bound to a string by var_of_string.
from_to [Listutils]
from_to b e succ Creates a list starting from element b until element e is reached, applying function succ in turn to get the next element of the list.

ge [Order]
generator [Genr_base]
Apply the generator term constructor for the generator: in case of sharing, we properly call the sharing version of the generator.
generator0 [Genr_base]
generator1 [Genr_base]
generator2 [Genr_base]
Apply the generator term constructor for the generator: special cases for zeroary, unary, and binary generators.
generator_of_cdef [Otype]
genr [Main]
genr_args [Code]
genr_args root n returns the list of patterns root1; ...; rootn.
genr_chars [Tgenr_base]
Same as above for characters.
genr_comparisons [Genr_base]
Generation of a triple of comparison functions for a given commutative operator.
genr_core_values [Genr_values]
Generates a list of up to n values of the specified core type, whose tree has a maximum depth (number of nested constructors)
genr_eq [Genr_base]
Generate an equality predicate primitive for the type name given: for type t, we generate the primitive eq_t, bound to "%equal" if the values of the type are not maximally shared, or bound to "%eq" otherwise.
genr_file [Main]
genr_file_ml [Main]
genr_file_mli [Main]
genr_floats [Tgenr_base]
Same as above for floats.
genr_function [Genr_nullary]
genr_function [Genr_unary]
genr_function g generates a unary function that normalizes terms that are built with g as their head constructor.
genr_function [Genr_binary]
genr_function g generates a binary function (here binary means that the function has a pair as unique argument) that normalizes terms that are built with g as their head constructor.
genr_function [Genr_listary]
From a listary generator definition, generate a list of definitions that implements its construction function.
genr_function [Genr_nary]
We treat the case of n-ary generators.
genr_functions [Genr]
The global generation procedure: it generates the whole set of construction function definitions from a given type definition.
genr_int32s [Tgenr_base]
Same as above for int32.
genr_int64s [Tgenr_base]
Same as above for int64.
genr_ints [Tgenr_base]
Creates the max_length specified number of distinct integer expressions.
genr_memo_functions [Genr_memo]
Memoize construction functions of a given constructor cdef among all generated functions for this very constructor.
genr_mli [Genr_mli]
genr_nativeints [Tgenr_base]
Same as above for nativeint.
genr_numbered_args [Code]
genr_numbered_args root n returns 1, root1; ...; n, rootn.
genr_private_type_declarations [Genr_mli]
genr_projection [Genr_base]
Generate a projection primitive for the (abbreviation) type name given.
genr_public_type_declarations [Genr_mli]
genr_rule [Genr_expression]
Generation of a pattern maching clause for a user's defined rewrite rule Rule (p, e), meaning that pattern p should be rewritten as expression e.
genr_rule_pattern [Genr_base]
Pattern construction for generators and functions.
genr_strings [Tgenr_base]
Same as above for strings.
genr_substs [Genr_substitutions]
Generates a list of n substitutions, i.e.
genr_test [Main]
genr_test_file [Main]
genr_test_preamble [Genr_testing]
Generate hte AST preamble for the test file of a module.
genr_type_test [Genr_testing]
The global test generation function: it generates the whole set of test expressions for a module name and a type definition.
genr_underscores [Code]
genr_underscores n returns a list of n _ patterns.
genr_units [Tgenr_base]
Creates at most the specified number of distinct unit expressions, i.e., zero or one.
genr_values [Genr_values]
Generates a list of up to n values of the specified type declaration
genr_values_and_equalities [Genr_equalities]
Given a number n of equalities to generate, a function generating values of a given type, and a constructor definition, genr_values_and_equalities generates the code to test the validity of the equalities that must hold, according to the relations specified for the constructor.
get_arity_of_generator [Check]
get_comments [Genr_base]
Do we output normalization traces ?
get_debug [Debug]
get_dline_trace [Genr_base]
Do we add diese line directives to .ml files ?
get_genr_implementation [Main]
get_genr_interface [Main]
get_genr_test [Main]
get_input_file_name [Main]
get_kb [Eqnrel]
get_kb_limit [Eqnrel]
get_line_count [Pr_code]
get_memo_table_size [Genr_memo]
get_memoize_target [Genr_memo]
Do we generate maximum sharing ?
get_num_tests [Main]
get_output_module_implementation_name [Main]
get_output_module_interface_name [Main]
get_output_module_name [Main]
get_pos_info [Location]
get_relation_list [Relation]
Access function on lists of relations.
get_search_path [File]
get_seed [Main]
get_sharable_target [Genr_base]
Do we generate maximum sharing ?
get_structure_items_of_type_declaration [Otype]
get_testing_file_name [Main]
get_user_rel_order [Genr_base]
Do we use the user order for code generation ?
get_val_depth [Main]
get_verbose [Configuration]
gprofile [Clflags]

has_absorbent [Relation]
has_absorbing [Relation]
has_associative [Relation]
has_commutative [Relation]
has_commutativity [Equation]
has_idempotent [Relation]
has_idempotent_and_nilpotent [Relation]
has_neutral [Relation]
has_nilpotent [Relation]
has_relations [Otype]
has_relations_cdef [Otype]
has_relations_cdefs [Otype]
help_warnings [Warnings]
highlight_locations [Location]

iapp [Term_utils]
iapp0 [Term_utils]
iapp1 [Term_utils]
iapp2 [Term_utils]
idem [Axiom]
idempotent [Relation]
imap_of_direction [Genr_base]
Returns the qualified identificateur of the mapping function of the predefined List module that is suitable for the distributivity_direction argument.
implementation [Printast]
implementation [Parse]
implementation [Parser]
in_comment [Lexer]
in_file [Location]
Return an empty ghost range located in a given file.
include_dirs [Clflags]
incr_line_count [Pr_code]
infix_apply [Code]
Apply an infix ident to its arguments.
infix_name [Code]
Apply a given infix name to its arguments.
init [Location]
Set the file name and line number of the lexbuf to be the start of the named file.
init_file [Clflags]
injection_type [Otype]
inline_threshold [Clflags]
input_lexbuf [Location]
input_name [Location]
insert_gt [Match]
Insertion ordering: t > u if t contains an instance of u
int_of_ord [Order]
inter [Main.StrSet]
interface [Printast]
interface [Parse]
interface [Parser]
interface_suffix [Config]
Suffix for interface file names
ints [Randomutils]
inv [Axiom]
invdis [Axiom]
inverse [Subs]
Inverse a substitution mapping variables to variables.
inverse [Relation]
invneu [Axiom]
invol [Axiom]
is_absorbing [Relation]
is_active [Warnings]
is_associative [Relation]
is_commutative [Relation]
is_commutativity [Equation]
Test if an equation is the commutativity equation
is_construction_function [Genr_base]
is_distributive [Relation]
is_empty [Main.StrSet]
is_empty [Subs]
Test if a substitution is the identity
is_error [Warnings]
is_generator_ident [Check]
Access to generators.
is_idempotent [Relation]
is_infix [Pr_ocaml]
is_infix_longident [Pr_ocaml]
is_inverse [Relation]
is_involutive [Relation]
is_known_and_listary [Tgenr_base]
is_known_and_listary_name [Tgenr_base]
Same as above, indicating the generator name instead of the generator
is_linear [Term]
is_listary_generator [Check]
Various access/test functions.
is_listary_info [Check]
is_local_generator [Check]
is_local_info [Check]
is_local_module [Main]
is_neutral [Relation]
is_neutral_generator [Relation]
is_nilpotent [Relation]
is_norm [Norm]
is_not_rewrite [Relation]
is_private_generator [Check]
is_private_info [Check]
is_private_type_declaration [Otype]
is_private_variant_type_declaration [Otype]
is_red [Norm]
Test reducibility
is_rewrite [Relation]
is_truly_unary_generator [Check]
is_type_ident [Check]
Access to types.
is_type_list [Otype]
is_variant_type_declaration [Otype]
iter [Main.StrSet]
iter [Tbl]
ith_group [Listutils]
Separates the list in consecutive groups of the specified size, then returns the i_th of such groups starting from 0.

keep_asm_file [Clflags]
keep_startup_file [Clflags]

labs [Axiom]
last [Longident]
lazy_opt [Genr_base]
lazy_tag [Config]
Normally the same as Obj.lazy_tag.
ldis [Axiom]
le [Order]
let0 [Code]
let1 [Code]
lex [Order]
Lexicographic extension of an ordering
linearize [Term]
Linearize a term
link_everything [Clflags]
linv [Axiom]
linvdis [Axiom]
list_remove [Misc]
list_remove x l returns a copy of l with the first element equal to x removed.
list_type [Otype]
list_vars [Term]
list_vars_of_terms [Term]
lneu [Axiom]
load_path [Config]
Directories in the search path for .cmi and .cmo files
log2 [Misc]
log2 n returns s such that n = 1 lsl s if n is a power of 2
lower_case [Genr_expression]
Replaces constructor calls by construction function calls in an expression.

main [Main]
make_Constant [Code]
Generate a constant expression from the given string.
make_Var [Code]
Generate a variable expression from the name of the given ident.
make_archive [Clflags]
make_package [Clflags]
make_public_type_declaration [Otype]
make_runtime [Clflags]
map [Subs]
Map a function on bindings
map [Myset.S]
map on sets
map [Tbl]
map_end [Misc]
map_end f l t is map f l @ t, Just more efficient.
map_filter [Myset.S]
Set of elements y such that f x = Some y for some x in xs.
map_from_to [Listutils]
map_from_to f b e succ Maps a function f to a list of elements starting from element b until element e is reached, applying function succ in turn to get the next element of the list.
map_left_right [Misc]
Like, with guaranteed left-to-right evaluation order
map_of_direction [Genr_base]
Returns the map like function from the predefined List module that is suitable for the distributivity_direction argument.
matches [Match]
matches_opt [Match]
matching_subs [Match]
Return matching substitution or raise Failure
max_elt [Main.StrSet]
max_tag [Config]
Biggest tag that can be stored in the header of a regular block.
max_young_wosize [Config]
Maximal size of arrays that are directly allocated in the minor heap
may [Misc]
may_map [Misc]
mem [Main.StrSet]
mem [Subs]
Test if there is a binding
mem [Tbl]
mgu [Unif]
Computes the MGU of two terms.
min_elt [Main.StrSet]
mk [Equation]
mk [Rule]
mk_apply [Otype]
mk_char [Tgenr_base]
Creates a value representing a character.
mk_construction [Tgenr_base]
Creates an expression in Code.exp representing a generator with the specified name and arguments.
mk_equality [Tgenr_base]
Creates an expression representing the application of the equality operator
mk_exp [Otype]
mk_float [Tgenr_base]
Creates a value representing a float.
mk_generator [Tgenr_base]
Creates a generator with the given name and location
mk_ident [Otype]
mk_int [Tgenr_base]
Creates a value representing an integer.
mk_int32 [Tgenr_base]
Creates a value representing an int32.
mk_int64 [Tgenr_base]
Creates a value representing an int 64.
mk_list [Tgenr_base]
Creates a value representing a list with the specified expressions.
mk_nativeint [Tgenr_base]
Creates a value representing an native integer.
mk_non_listary_construction [Tgenr_base]
Creates an expression in Code.exp representing a generator with the specified name and arguments.
mk_pat [Otype]
mk_rel [Otype]
mk_sharing_function_ident [Genr_base]
Name of the sharing generation functions for a given generator name.
mk_string [Tgenr_base]
Creates a value representing a string.
mk_tuple [Tgenr_base]
Creates a value representing a tuple with the specified expressions.
mk_type [Otype]
mk_when [Otype]
mkdll [Config]
The linker command line to build dynamic libraries.
mkexe [Config]
The linker command line to build executables.
mkmaindll [Config]
The linker command line to build main programs as dlls.
moca_full_version [Configuration]
moca_minor_version_number [Configuration]
moca_version_number [Configuration]
model [Config]
Name of processor submodel for the native-code compiler
module_of_mli_file [File]

name_of_generator [Otype]
name_of_longident [Otype]
native_c_compiler [Config]
The C compiler to use for compiling C files with the native-code compiler
native_c_libraries [Config]
The C libraries to link with native-code programs
native_code [Clflags]
native_pack_linker [Config]
The linker to use for packaging (ocamlopt -pack) and for partial links (ocamlopt -output-obj).
neu [Axiom]
neutral [Relation]
Returns the first neutral element (Left, Right, or Both) for the generator.
neutral_both [Relation]
Returns the neutral element (simultaneously Left and Right, or Both) for the generator.
neutral_element_of_generator [Check]
Gives the neutral element of g or else raise No_neutral_element
neutral_left [Relation]
Returns a left neutral element for the generator if any.
neutral_right [Relation]
Returns a right neutral element for the generator if any.
next_token [Clexer]
nil [Genr_base]
These functions generate code values.
nil [Axiom]
nilpotent [Relation]
no_auto_link [Clflags]
no_overflow_add [Misc]
no_overflow_add n1 n2 returns true if the computation of n1 + n2 does not overflow.
no_overflow_lsl [Misc]
no_overflow_add n returns true if the computation of n lsl 1 does not overflow.
no_overflow_sub [Misc]
no_overflow_add n1 n2 returns true if the computation of n1 - n2 does not overflow.
no_std_include [Clflags]
noassert [Clflags]
none [Location]
An arbitrary value of type t; describes an empty ghost range.
nopervasives [Clflags]
noprompt [Clflags]
norm [Norm_ml]
norm [Norm]
norm [Otype]
not_yet_implemented [Debug]
Raises failure with "not yet implemented" and the string argument.

objfiles [Clflags]
occurs [Term]
of_list [Myset.S]
Build a set from a list of elements
of_list_map [Myset.S]
opp [Order]
opposite [Otype]
opt [Genr_base]
Functions to generate clauses on demand.
optimize_for_speed [Clflags]
opts [Genr_base]
order_relations [Genr_base]
order_rels [Genr_base]
output [Debug]
output_c_object [Clflags]
output_name [Clflags]
output_sep [Debug]

pair [Code]
parse [Longident]
parse_ml_file [File]
parse_mli_file [File]
parse_options [Warnings]
partition [Main.StrSet]
partition [Equation]
Partition a set of equations into those whose lhs is greater, smaller or something else
partition [Order]
Partition a list of pairs into those whose lhs is greater, equal, etc.
pattern [Genr_base]
pattern0 [Genr_base]
pattern1 [Genr_base]
pattern2 [Genr_base]
Similar to generator application for the pattern case.
pattern_info [Genr_base]
Similar to generator application for the pattern case.
pervasives_comparisons [Genr_base]
Triple representing OCaml's functions
poly_type [Otype]
position [Mylist]
Position of an element
pr_clause [Pr_code]
Prints a clause in a matching construct.
pr_constant [Pr_ocaml]
pr_core_type [Pr_ocaml]
pr_expression [Pr_code]
Prints an expression in the indicated formatter.
pr_expression [Pr_ocaml]
pr_ident_in_infix_position [Pr_ocaml]
pr_ident_in_prefix_position [Pr_ocaml]
pr_ident_name_in_prefix_position [Pr_ocaml]
pr_params [Pr_ocaml]
pr_pattern [Pr_ocaml]
pr_relation [Pr_ocaml]
pr_sep_vals [Pr_ocaml]
pr_sep_vals_fmt [Pr_ocaml]
pr_structure [Pr_code]
Prints a code structure in the indicated formatter.
pr_structure_item_desc [Pr_ocaml]
pr_structure_sep [Pr_ocaml]
pr_suffix_vals_fmt [Pr_ocaml]
pr_symbol [Symb]
pr_term [Term]
Pretty print.
pr_type [Pr_ocaml]
pr_type_definitions [Pr_ocaml]
pr_value_description [Pr_ocaml]
pr_var [Var]
pr_verbatim_structure_item [Pr_ocaml]
pr_verbatim_structure_items [Pr_ocaml]
prec_of_list [Prec]
f1; ..; fn gives f1 < ..
precedence [Relation]
prefix_construction_function [Genr_base]
Name of the generation functions for a given prefix name and a given generator: prefix_generator_function p g is the ident "prefix_name", where "prefix" is the contents of p, and "name" is the uncapitalized version of g.
prefix_construction_function2 [Genr_base]
Name of the generation functions for a given prefix name and the combination of two generators: prefix_generator_function2 p g1 g2 is the ident "prefix_name1_name2", where "prefix" is the contents of p, and "name1", "name2" are the uncapitalized versions of g1, g2.
prefix_ident [Genr_base]
Adds a prefix to an identifier.
prefix_longident [Code]
To add a prefix string to a qualified (long) identifier.
preprocessor [Clflags]
prerr_warning [Location]
principal [Clflags]
print [Debug]
print [Location]
print [Warnings]
print [Tbl]
print_config [Config]
print_error [Location]
print_error_cur_file [Location]
print_memo_hash_table_module [Genr_memo]
Output module declarations and helpers for memoized functions
print_moca_full_version [Main]
print_moca_short_version [Main]
print_moca_version [Main]
print_sharing [Genr_sharing]
print_sharing_ml_preamble [Genr_sharing]
print_sharing_mli_preamble [Genr_sharing]
print_type_private_structure_items [Genr_sharing]
Prints the structure items defined in the private type definition.
print_types [Clflags]
print_usage [Main]
print_warning [Location]
projection_type [Otype]

qualified_name_of_generator [Otype]
qualified_name_of_longident [Otype]
quote_files [Ccomp]
quote_optfile [Ccomp]

rabs [Axiom]
raise_error [Check]
raise_error [Code]
ranlib [Config]
Command to randomize a library, or "" if not needed
raw_string_of_var [Var]
Convert n>=0 into xn and n<0 into yn
rdis [Axiom]
recursive_types [Clflags]
red_opt [Norm]
relations_of_cdef [Otype]
remove [Main.StrSet]
remove [Tbl]
remove_commutativity [Equation]
remove_file [Misc]
Delete the given file if it exists.
remove_rules [Otype]
remove_rules_in_type_declaration [Otype]
remove_topconstr [Genr_pattern]
remove_trivial [Equation]
rename [Rename]
Apply a renaming to a term
rename [Term]
renaming_away [Rename]
Renaming away from a term
renaming_aways [Rename]
repeat [Listutils]
repeat n x Creates a list with n element x.
replace [Subterm]
replace t p u replaces the subterm of t at position p by u
replace [Mylist]
Replace the i-th element of a list
replace_map [Mylist]
Replace the i-th element x by f(x)
replicate_list [Misc]
replicate_list elem n is the list with n elements all identical to elem.
report_error [Check]
report_error [Lexer]
report_error [Syntaxerr]
reset [Location]
reset_line_count [Pr_code]
restrict [Subs]
Restriction of a susbtitution to some domain
resume [Terminfo]
rev_split_words [Misc]
rev_split_words s splits s in blank-separated words, and return the list of words in reverse order.
rewrite [Relation]
rhs_loc [Location]
rinv [Axiom]
rinvdis [Axiom]
rneu [Axiom]
rpo [Order]
Recursive Path Ordering
rpo_fail [Order]
rule [Cparser]
rules [Cparser]
run_command [Ccomp]

samelist [Misc]
Like List.for_all2 but returns false if the two lists have different length.
search_ml_file_for_module [File]
search_mli_file_for_module [File]
search_substring [Misc]
search_substring pat str start returns the position of the first occurrence of string pat in string str.
sep [Debug]
sequence [Code]
set [Consistbl]
set tbl name crc source forcefully associates name with crc in tbl, even if name already had a different CRC associated with name in tbl.
set_comments [Genr_base]
set_debug [Debug]
set_dline_trace [Genr_base]
set_genr_implementation [Main]
set_genr_interface [Main]
set_genr_test [Main]
set_implementation_from_file_name [Main]
set_input_file_name [Main]
set_kb [Eqnrel]
set_kb_limit [Eqnrel]
set_memo_table_size [Genr_memo]
set_memoize_target [Genr_memo]
set_num_tests [Main]
set_output_file_name [Main]
set_output_filename [Pr_code]
set_output_module_implementation_name [Main]
set_output_module_interface_name [Main]
set_output_module_name [Main]
set_seed [Main]
set_sharable_target [Genr_base]
Maximum sharing handling.
set_testing_file_name [Main]
set_user_rel_order [Genr_base]
set_val_depth [Main]
set_verbose [Configuration]
setup [Terminfo]
shared [Clflags]
singleton [Main.StrSet]
singleton [Genr_base]
skip_sharp_bang [Lexer]
sort_relations [Relation]
sort_rels [Relation]
source [Consistbl]
source tbl name returns the file name associated with name if the latter has an associated CRC in tbl.
split [Main.StrSet]
split [Mylist]
Given a list l and a number i such that 0 <= i < List.length l, returns the triple l1, x, l2 such that x = List.nth l i and l = List.rev l1 @ x :: l2
split_last [Misc]
Return the last element and the other elements of the given list.
stack_threshold [Config]
Size in words of safe area at bottom of VM stack, see byterun/config.h
standard_library [Config]
The directory containing the standard libraries
standard_runtime [Config]
The full path to the standard bytecode interpreter ocamlrun
standout [Terminfo]
std_include_dir [Clflags]
std_include_flag [Clflags]
step [Comp]
Completion step
strict_sequence [Clflags]
string_of_constant [Pr_ocaml]
string_of_symbol [Symb]
Return the string represented by some symbol
string_of_var [Var]
Inverse of var_of_string.
subs [Subs]
One-variable substitution
subset [Main.StrSet]
subst [Otype]
Given an association mapping variable names to core types, applies it to the given core type list as a substitution
subterm_pos [Subterm]
Subterm at position p
symbol_gloc [Location]
symbol_of_string [Symb]
Check if a string is represented by a known symbol, associate it with a new symbol otherwise
symbol_rloc [Location]
symbols [Term]
symbols_of_rule [Rule]
Symbols of a set of rules
symbols_of_rules [Rule]
symbols_of_terms [Term]
system [Config]
Name of operating system for the native-code compiler
systhread_supported [Config]
Whether the system thread library is implemented

t [Code]
take [Listutils]
take n l Takes the first n elements of list l, or the whole list l, if l has less than nn elements.
term [Cparser]
testing_equations_of_rels [Genr_listary_equations]
token [Lexer]
top_phrase [Printast]
top_term [Cparser]
topletrec [Code]
To define a toplevel let rec definition in a module implementation.
toplevel_phrase [Parse]
toplevel_phrase [Parser]
trace [Debug]
trace_clause [Genr_base]
Returns the code outputing the diese_line directives # int string
transpose [Listutils]
transpose ll Transposes a list of lists.
try_finally [Misc]
tuple_type [Otype]
type_of_eq [Otype]
typed_vars_eqn [Typed_vars]

u [Code]
udis [Axiom]
uidem [Axiom]
umsg [Main]
underscore [Code]
underscored_clause [Code]
underscored_ocaml_pattern [Code]
underscored_pattern [Code]
unif [Unif]
Return mgu or raise Failure
unil [Axiom]
union [Main.StrSet]
union_map [Myset.S]
Union of the sets obtained by mapping f on some list
unique [Listutils]
unique p l Removes duplicates from a list, provided a binary predicate p.
untrace [Debug]
usage [Main]
use_file [Parse]
use_file [Parser]
use_prims [Clflags]
use_runtime [Clflags]
use_threads [Clflags]
use_vmthreads [Clflags]

var_of_string [Var]
Return a fresh variable if called with a string for the first time.
var_type [Otype]
vars [Term_utils]
vars [Term]
vars_of_terms [Term]
verbose [Clflags]
verbose_print [Configuration]
verbose_printf [Configuration]
version [Config]
The current version number of the system

w [Term_utils]

x [Term_utils]
x [Code]
xs [Code]
When binding a list of arguments.

y [Term_utils]
y [Code]

z [Term_utils]
z [Code]