Module Var

module Var: sig .. end

Variable definition and utilities for completion purposes

type var = int 
module VarSet: Set.S  with type elt = var
module VarMap: Map.S  with type key = var
val var_of_string : string -> var
Return a fresh variable if called with a string for the first time. Return this variable if called again with the same string.
val fresh_var : unit -> var
Return a fresh variable not bound to a string by var_of_string.
val clear_vars : unit -> unit
Remove all string-variable bindings
val raw_string_of_var : var -> string
Convert n>=0 into xn and n<0 into yn
val string_of_var : var -> string
Inverse of var_of_string. create a fresh string if necessary.
val pr_var : Format.formatter -> var -> unit