Module Genr_testing

module Genr_testing: sig .. end

val genr_test_preamble : Tgenr_base.module_name -> Tgenr_base.seed -> Code.structure_item list
Generate hte AST preamble for the test file of a module. Contains opening of necessary modules and report the test seed number.
val genr_type_test : Tgenr_base.seed ->
Tgenr_base.num_tests ->
Tgenr_base.nesting_depth ->
(string * Parsetree.type_declaration) list -> Code.structure_item list
The global test generation function: it generates the whole set of test expressions for a module name and a type definition. Usage: genr_type_test rnd seed ntests val_depth tds where rnd: wether to generate random values or not seed: random seed ntests: number of tests par equation val_depth: maximum value depth, that is, number of nested constructors tds: type declarations to test