Module Genr_equalities

module Genr_equalities: sig .. end

From the relations of a generator of a given relational type definition, we deduce equalities that must hold if the construction functions are correct. We then generate the code that tests those equalities for a set of randomly chosen values.
val genr_values_and_equalities : int ->
(Parsetree.core_type -> int -> Code.exp list) ->
string * Parsetree.core_type list * Parsetree.relations * Location.t ->
Code.exp list
Given a number n of equalities to generate, a function generating values of a given type, and a constructor definition, genr_values_and_equalities generates the code to test the validity of the equalities that must hold, according to the relations specified for the constructor.

For each equation deduced from the relations n equalities are generated.

Equality testing expressions have the following form:

let v1 = example_value1 in let v2 = example_value2 in

... in

left_side = right_side